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What we’re about

This is a group for developers, designers, engineers and related backgrounds in Tokyo. You should join us if you need a place to work, need motivation to work on a project, want a little background noise while working, or are just starting out and need some advice about development and programming. Any skill level and developer genre is welcome. 

I know quite a few people who would like to become developers/programmers but are all self studying and I can recognize when they hit roadblocks and have questions, so hopefully this would give them opportunity to ask me and anyone else who shows up for the meetup questions about the particular flavor their working on. 

In the end if you lack motivation or a space to get work done, this meetup group can solve that problem for you. You may be able to find someone to work on a project with you or give you a clue to a problem you've been trying to solve.

If you're unable to attend or want to plan a project before attending, connect with us on our website, community forums, or social sites:




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