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Under the Containers hood with DevOps sauce!

A meetup dedicated for Dev & Ops guys working on or interested in Containers and/or DevOps principles.

It treats the multi facets of Containers from the system/kernel point of view (and dives deep inside the specifications) as well as the developer/application standpoint, without forgetting clustering and orchestration(Kubernetes/Swarm/Nomad...)...Bref DevOps tools and saw-chains.

Presentations/workshops/hands-on on different platforms from Linux (as it is mainly intended for it), but not limited to, Windows (as by Windows 2016 version that has now Docker integrated on it), Unikerneles...etc.

The meetup is open to other subjects like containers comparison: Docker vs LXC, or vs Rocket, vs Solaris zone, vs OpenVZ...OCI... all what lets us learn more to make a better choice and progress.

Join DevOps ❤️ Containers on Slack (https://join.slack.com/t/devops-containers/shared_invite/zt-fiid69wx-FnWJtixc8F8TSm4HnoyhIQ) and Trello (https://trello.com/invite/b/F3GAR7Ti/942ca8ea0da23213145e9a0e91270ed8/devops-containers).

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Xebia - Consulting firm IT

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