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DevOps Finland is group for people who are interested in DevOps movement and everything around it. You don't need to be a DevOps expert, everyone who is interested can join. Let's meet to discuss about tools, practices, etc.

This meetup group is run by volunteers who work in various technology companies in Finland. The group is not directly affiliated with any company.

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New shape of DevOps

Elisa Kulma

DevOps movement is 10 years old! This has changed how we do our daily work and the DevOps culture and way of working have grown out and spread to multiple industries and contexts. Agenda: * 17:00 Store closes but opens for the event * 17:30 DevOps behind network automation, Teemu Nykänen - Elisa -- short break -- * 18:30 When will DevOps die? - Yair Etziony, Polar Squad, Germany -- short break -- * 19:30 Harden your cloud with DevSecOps, Niklas Tanskanen - Eficode * 20:15 Networking * 21:00 Doors closes Venue sponsored by Elisa: https://elisa.fi There will be food and drinks!

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DevOps in Hardcore Mode


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