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This is a meetup group for DevOps culture, system administrators, developers, CTO's, R&D's and generally technical people interested in DevOps topics.

When we meet, its all about the discussion of latest technology, continuous improvement, cloud, life, beer, more technology and more technology. Sharing newest trends and past experiences is always on the menu.

This meetup group is organized by ProdOps.io (https://www.prodops.io) as part of our contribution to the technical community in Israel. We also often speak and share our knowledge at these events.

ProdOps.io (https://www.prodops.io) is an international company founded as DevOps IL in Tel Aviv, Israel that passionately provides guidance, designing and planning together with the hands-on implementation of solutions.
We provide experienced software operations experts who work remotely and on-site with locations in Israel, UK, and the USA. We believe in building a world where companies can have access to an environment of growth and incredible opportunities. Helping achieve your companies objective of having a scalable, reliable and secure infrastructure to support your systems. We’re devoted to helping our clients kick-ass in business.
What separates us from our competition is our experience-based processes involve thinking of every possible parameter in the way, so that our implemented products don’t only live and serve presently, they are resilient to changes and attacks, self-healing in case of need, robust and scalable to serve any amount of requests while quickly responding to changes in requirements. And they’re fast, so fast you won’t believe the timeline you used to work by.

ProdOps is a worldwide team of digital experts who are driven by a passion for creating extraordinary production and software delivery. We actually do DevOps!

Our mission is to create awesome experiences by embracing extraordinary challenges.

We also invite you to join the Operations IsraelFacebook group http://on.fb.me/Ops-IL for discussion on DevOps.

Everyone is welcome!

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How to Improve Time Management and Why Failures Should be Loud

The meetup is organised by ProdOps.io, a team of software operations architects who consult on infrastructure automation and workflow improvement. Ziprecruiter are kindly hosting us and speaking at the meetup. DevOps is about many things, not only tools, automation and technology. It's also about culture and psychology, its about Continuous Learning. At this meetup we try to look at less technological side of thing but nevertheless very important - time management and failures. Agenda: 17:45 - Gathering, Pizza, Mingling 18:15 - 19:00 - Failing Loudly - Dan Yelovitch @Ziprecruiter 19:00 - 19:45 - The importance of time management by Michael Kribus Talk #1 **Failing Loudly** As our product grows it becomes more complex, adding more points of failure. In this talk we will explain why failure should be loud and disruptive to the flow, we will show examples of how attempts to recover/mask the failures cause more harm than good. **About Dan** Dan is a senior SRE at Ziprecruiter. Protector of CICD pipelines, Breaker of unactionable alerts, father of k8s clusters, first of his name Talk #2 Unlike money, time is the one thing we can never regain. It's a fast-moving train going in one direction and we can't stop it. In today techno-centric world, we should have more time that ever before, yet suffer from "time poverty". Michael will share with us his method for personal time management and improved productivity. It offers a holistic approach to better control your time, appropriately deal with your activities and achieve your career and life goals. You'll leave with a set of a practical tools for better time management. **About Michael** He is an experienced time management mentor providing public speaking, workshops and personal training to improve time management skills. His method was recently acknowledged and endorsed by Brian Tracy, Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author. www.visualpathways.net !!How to get there!! Migdalei haarbaa (Hagag), Southern building, Floor 18. Tel Aviv entrance from Arania Osvaldo 29. The closest parking lot - "Givon" (this is what you should put in Waze).

Building for Scale: NetDevOps with Liveperson


If you're interested in learning more about Kuberenetes, Istio and the networking under the hood that makes it all possible - this meetup is for you. Join the team from Liveperson who will be talking about their production operation built on Kubernetes, Service Mesh for Microservices, Istio, SDN, SDWAN and more… these are all part of the Infrastructure and Platform network which serve 3B visits and 45M messaging and chat engagements a month. To deliver the software as a service platform, LivePerson maintains 7 data centers across the world that house thousands of physical and virtual servers. During peak periods, LivePerson will manage millions of concurrent visitors. LiverPerson runs all of these operations across 6 data centers around the world, with private cloud and public cloud assets that include over than tens of thousands of cores and thousands of software deployments and infrastructure changes a year using advanced technologies. Distributed Security with Calico: This talk will be about distributed security implemented using Calico, an open source technology. Nati will share the complete design, rollout plane, struggles we had and the current state we've reached so far. Speaker: Nati Eitan is a Senior NetDevOps Engineer with strong data center architecture, security, and automation skills, he's leading the k8s networking and security in LivePerson Network Migration to NetDevOps Lior will speak about the lessons learned from the migration from Network Team to NetDevOps and the journey his team made toward full network automation.He will also share knowhow around K8S and Istio. Speaker: Lior Franko is an experienced developer and automation engineer and the NetDevOps Team leader in LivePerson. He's been working as a network engineer for almost a decade now and lad the team migration from Network team to NetDevOps. SD-WAN with Automation Avi will speak about a new cutting edge sd-wan solution which is based on Arista and has a couple of in-house automation scripts which complete the solution. Avi will share his knowledge and describe how we implemented WAN optimization solution. Speaker: Avi Cohen is a Senior NetDevOps Engineer at LivePerson. He's drawing on more than 10 years of experience designing and leading complex internetworking of enterprise scale companies. Join the event to learn about: - How to design a hyper-scale Kubernetes network? - How Istio will change cloud Network and Software engineers life. - How do you build and operate multi-zone on-prem connect to public cloud environment? - Automate everything approach... - Breaking the traditional cloud network engineer paradigm and transform to NetDevOps. - Visibility - Canary deployments with Istio - Resilience testing with Istio - Application Tracing with Istio - East/West L7 Policy - SSL/TLS management - Load shedding - Hyper-Scale Lesson Learned.

DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2019

Expo Tel Aviv

DEVOPSDAYS TEL AVIV IS IS BACK FOR ITS 7TH TIME RUNNING Call for Paper is OPEN until August 31st, so get submitting - https://devopsdaystlv.com Join leading speakers from around the globe, together with DevOps, SRE, platform, production and operations engineers for two full days of sessions & masterclasses focusing on best practices in operations and systems engineering to gear engineering teams for success. DevOpsDays is a volunteer-led event, by the community for the community – with talks contributed by some of the best from our local community as well as the global DevOps community, with a diversity of talks from beginner through advanced. ***Keynote Speaker*** Dr. Nicole Forsgren will be a keynote speaker at the event, and will (*crossing fingers*) do an Accelerate book signing. Ticket Sales will open towards the end of August - so stay tuned! Big thanks as always to our sponsors who make it happen - Elastic, BigPanda, Yotpo. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities here: https://devopsdaystlv.com/sponsor Feel free to suggest open spaces ideas in the comments.

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Putting the Sec in DevSecOps

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