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What we’re about

DevOps Sydney meetup is about learning and sharing about DevOps movement - culture, practices and tools.

This is a group for professionals, hackers, managers, and engineers - from development and operations backgrounds.

#### Get involved

• Give a talk! Are you passionate about DevOps? We've got a list of ideas if you're looking for inspiration.

• Sponsor us! Does your company want to give back to the community? We have flexible sponsorship options that give you quality exposure.

• Recruiter? Follow our guidelinesWe have a clear set of guidelines to help you involve yourself in the community as a good devops citizen.

• Read the code of conduct.  We want everyone in the community to have a good time, and these are some simple guidelines to make this happen.

#### What is DevOps?

DevOps is a movement of passionate software developers and operations engineers who want to break down the walls and improve the relationship between between development, operations, and the rest of the business.

DevOps can be summarised into 4 key points, known as CAMS:

• Culture: People over technology. If you don’t have culture, all automation attempts will be fruitless.

• Automation: This is one of the places you start once you understand your culture, by stitching together an automation fabric that reflects your shared culture and understanding.

• Measurement: If you can’t measure, you can’t improve. Teams doing devops successfully will measure everything as often as they can… performance metrics, process metrics, and even people metrics.

• Sharing: sharing is the feedback loop in the CAMS cycle. Creating a culture where people share ideas and problems is critical. The other people in your team aren't the enemy - the problem you're trying to solve is.