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DevOps goal is to join people, process and tools that can deconstruct a modern enterprise application on the development side of the universe and transport it over into the operations side. All the while, building a culture of collaboration and communication between all teams.

We are facilitators to a community of people who want to make IT a great place to work with continuous improvement of people, process and tools.

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[ONLINE] How to Have a Human Connection with your Clients in a COVID-19 World

TALK ABSTRACT: 2020 isn’t like anything we’ve experienced in modern days. The landscape has changed. How we communicate with one another has changed. Masks, online conferences, email, check-ins, text messages… these all have a bigger impact than ever before on how we connect with other — including our clients. Let’s talk about how to maintain human connection with clients given our new “normal.” SPEAKER BIO: Mike Demopoulos (@mpmike) Lead Hand Shaker at Web Ventures Mike is a virtual marketing innovator always looking to bring his energy and creativity to the next challenge. He has a proven background of managing 100+ accounts, creating successful multi-channel marketing packages, and monitoring outsourced vendors to ensure the highest quality and adherence to best practices. Mike spoke at Press4Word in Tel Aviv last year and is a former Disney cast member. He even had his own Disney podcast – The MouseStation Podcast – “Magic to your Ears!”

[ONLINE] Speeding Up Dev with Infrastructure as Code & Dynamic Environments

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TALK ABSTRACT: Do you currently have a single staging / development environment, that everyone uses? Does this cause problems when multiple people need to make changes at once? With the latest advances in Infrastructure as Code tooling, you can now move your team away from shared, static cloud environments and give each developer their own dynamic, isolated environments - speeding up their development processes and reducing overhead for your SRE team. SPEAKER BIO: Tim Davis is the DevOps Advocate for env0. Prior to env0, Tim helped build the Cloud and Developer Advocacy team at VMware. His background is in Infrastructure Operations / Architecture, while always focusing on the business critical applications that run the business. While at VMware, his focus area was on DevOps Process / Procedure, and CI/CD Process / Tooling.

[ONLINE] Deploying, Monitoring and Securing Applications on Kubernetes

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TALK ABSTRACT: Solving complex problems often involves some level of complexity, and Kubernetes is no exception. To handle that complexity, managed Kubernetes services like GKE, AKS, EKS and more have become wildly popular in recent years to allow organizations to offload some of that complexity. Kubernetes is a highly powerful orchestration tool that can go a long way in helping you to optimize IT costs while improve application scalability and resilience. In reality, Kubernetes can also bring with it an all new layer of complexity: ● Brittle Scripting - The custom Helm charts, YAML files and Terraform scripts become unmanageable ● Too Many Components - Monitoring, security, networking, storage and logging aren’t presenting in an application-centric way ● Complex Integration - Managing interactions and integration between dozens of tools becomes challenging ● Unhappy Developers - Developers are forced to manage infrastructure, slowing them down and adding to their learning curve Join this discussion to learn more about these challenges and strategies to avoid the pitfalls of Kubernetes and enjoy the benefits. SPEAKER BIO: Bruno Andrade CEO & Founder @ Shipa.io Bruno as the CEO and Founder of Shipa, has led distributed systems design and implementation at enterprises across different industries, defining methodologies, concepts and architecture and has dedicated the last few years to working on the Cloud Native space helping companies through a successful journey.

[ONLINE] TBA - To Be Announced (Looking for Speaker)

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