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What we’re about

DevOps Malayalm is an open community of DevOps/SRE/DevSecOps professionals. Majority of the members are from Kerala, India who speak Malayalam. Non-malayalam speaking professionals can also join as we conduct sessions in English occasionally.

We are a community, thriving to create a pool of new age techies in the emerging IT industry. Our goal is focused on learning, relearning, upskilling and knowledge sharing on topics related to DevOps/SRE/DevSecOps.

What do we do?

1. Conduct regular technical sessions and hands-on workshops in Malayalam/English on clubhouse/gmeet/msteams
2. Collect blogs from the members which will be published on our website after review

We are present in major social media platforms where our members share technical knowledge, clear technical doubts, help job seekers etc.. We are planning physical training sessions and community events and the details will be updated here.

Who should join?

DevOps practioners, aspirants from other IT domains, Freshers, Students can join. Please note that majority of our members can speak/understand the Malayalam language but we conduct sessions in English occasionally

Why should you join?

We believe in the power of group learning. Benefits of joining this group include but not limited to:

Listen to amazing talks of DevOps maestros and share your knowledge during the sessions

Participate in free hands-on workshops conducted by industry experts and corporate trainers on video conferencing platforms

Collaborate with people having different DevOps skillsets on social media platforms

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