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⚙ Welcome to the first DevOps Oxford meetup ⚙

We are excited to bring you a great lineup of speakers to talk about Continuous Integration and Delivery.

We will provide something to eat and drink!

Talk 1: Progressive Continuous Delivery
Ryan Brooks @spikeheap (

Continuous Delivery sounds great, but there’s often a huge gulf between the promise of ‘safe' zero-downtime rollouts and manual deployments on legacy infrastructure. We’ll talk about strategies for migrating a ‘traditional’ legacy software project to continuous deployment, and some of the challenges we’ve encountered on the way.

Ryan is a full-stack developer and pedant. He’s served in ops and has the bruises from sysadmining in a startup, and now runs a small software consultancy and helps organise JSOxford ( and the OxRUG ( Ruby meetups. He really likes camembert.

Talk 2: The light at the end of the DevOps tunnel
Joe Reeve @jreeve0 (

Ever wondered what it's like to win at DevOps? So do we! I'll explain where we are, and where we want to go with our DevOps workflow - using Jenkins, Chef, and our own product.

Joe is a programmer at Squared Up ( He sees the mere fact that his job title exists to be evidence that we, as a race, have failed. His cognitive cycles are taken up mostly by pondering ways to automate and educate his role out of existence, and improving the lives of the people he shares air, water, and the planet with.

Talk 3: Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Docker and Compose
Sandro Cirulli (

See also Oxford University Press Translates the Internet With Docker and Docker Compose (

Oxford University Press ( (OUP) recently started the Oxford Global Languages ( initiative which aims at providing language resources for digitally under represented languages. In August 2015 OUP launched two African languages websites for Zulu ( and Northern Sotho ( The entire micro-service infrastructure for development, staging, and production runs on Docker containers in Amazon EC2 instances. This talk will show how we use Jenkins to build Docker images, test containers, and Docker Compose for orchestration.

Sandro is Platform Tech Lead at the Dictionaries department of Oxford University Press (OUP). He has been involved in several projects, including Oxford Global Language Solutions ( and Oxford Global Languages (, managing data conversion, system architecture, and DevOps.