GDPR - What it is and why you should care

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation requiring businesses and organisations to protect the personal data and privacy of citizens inside the EU. It is broader than the existing UK Data Protection Act and the UK government confirmed that leaving the EU will not affect the application of GDPR in the UK. The GDPR takes effect from 25 May 2018 and non-compliance could cost companies handling personal data dearly.

How does GDPR affect you as a citizen and your company? What do you need to do from a DevOps perspective? What are the consequences of ignoring GDPR? Come and learn this and more on GDPR at our next DevOps Oxford meetup event!

What is GDPR

Stefanie Jacobs

Tech Solutions Professional at Microsoft

In this presentation, we are going to explore what GDPR is and what this could mean to you and DevOps in general. The main goal of the session is to give current practices some thought and streamline them with compliance in mind.

Stefanie is a Technology Solutions Professional at Microsoft with extensive experience in the fields of data compliance technologies, messaging and information intelligence spanning the past 15 years. Stefanie is a practitioner of IT Infrastructure Library principles working tirelessly towards a trusted, responsible and inclusive cloud.

GDPR for DevOps

Frans Lytzen

Co-founder and CTO at NewOrbit (

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The new General Data Protection Regulations are nearly upon us and if you haven't started preparing yet, now would be a good time to panic. In this talk, I will highlight the key areas that you need to consider in when hosting and managing software - even if you think you don't store personal data.

GDPR is the replacement for the Data Protection Act. The deadline for compliance is May 2018 and it arrives with much tighter rules and significantly increased fines. It has a an extended scope and much tighter rules; you will now have a legal obligation to ensure that “your processing is done in a manner that ensures appropriate security” and you “need to establish technological and organisation measures to ensure that breaches are identified quickly” amongst several other things. See for more details.

Frans is co-founder and CTO at New Orbit. He architects and implements large and small-scale software for his customers, all running on Azure.