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DevOps Porto is a community for everyone interested in reducing the pain of software delivery and in building “bridges” between development and operations. Because developing software is not enough, we like to discuss all DevOps related topics from the cultural perspective, such as communication and collaboration, and from the technical perspective, such as source control, continuous integration and continuous delivery. We're an open group interested in discussing topics related to applications, databases, infrastructure and human factors. So join us and share your thoughts!

We also have the website https://devopsporto.com for more information about the group.

In order to promote the DevOps topics discussion/sharing and the interaction between group members it was created a Slack team https://devopsporto.slack.com . You can get your invitation here: https://devopsporto.herokuapp.com

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DevOps Porto #28: DevOps in a small team/company

Welcome to our 28th meetup about DevOps and its culture, values and practices. The invited speaker that will share their knowledge around this topic is Vitor Pereira. • DevOps in a small team/company by Vitor Pereira An overview of work done to bring DevOps practices into a small team. Many talks cover work on big teams/companies and there's less talk on leaner practices. Vitor is an experienced Senior Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in banking, insurance and online retail industries. Skilled in C#, ASP.NET MVC, WebServices, REST, SOAP, integration and continuous delivery tools. Agenda: • Welcome • DevOps in a small team/company by Vitor Pereira • Coffee/Networking break • Closing

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DevOps Porto #27: DataOps


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