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Welcome to our #6th meetup about DevOps and its culture, values and practices. This meetup will be hosted by Euronext ( and the addressed topics will be culture and security.

With 0xOPOSEC ( (@oposec ( community as partner, we are happy and grateful for having Renato Rodrigues (@simps0n ( as invited speaker. For Renato and for a modern software house, security is a top priority. It is a fast-paced working environment focused on continuous delivery and integration. Keeping up is an endless and demanding challenge for the security team. Issues arise and must be addressed efficiently and in an expedited manner. Besides keeping abreast with emerging technology, the team needs to develop strategies that ultimately work within the organization.

Can classic analysis tools be used on a strict time cycle? How can a security team handle the demands of a product team? How to ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands what’s under the hood? In seeking answers to these questions, this talk assembles a set of tips and tricks by showing some work and spikes used in a real software house. One hopes to provide a potential roadmap for the implementation of secure and improved Software Developing Life Cycles.

Renato ( is Informatics Engineer, with high interest in security issues, working in the AppSec world for a while. Curator of an AppSec Ezine and promoter of a security enthusiasts group – more than breaking through challenges, it is all about sharing the knowledge.

Our second invited speaker is Nuno Rafael Gomes (@nrgomes ( and in his talk, he will try to answer some questions about culture:

· What’s a national culture?

· What’s am organizational culture?

· How to make sense of culture? The cultural iceberg.

· How to decode culture? Some dimensions and models.

· Culture or strategy?

· A multicultural world or work?

· Agile as culture?

· DevOps as culture?

· Changing culture? Really? Why? How? A possible approach.

Nuno ( is a Lean Agile Coach that strongly believes in “Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn” (adapted from John Maxwell). His mission includes: discover market opportunities, frame and solve problems, build an organization and its business, and delight customers… which is hard. But even harder is the journey to unlock your inner self.


• Welcome

• Talk #1: Security in the wild by Renato Rodrigues

• Networking break

• Talk#2: Decoding culture: a gentle introduction by Nuno Rafael Gomes

• Closing

We will have a great event with lot of interesting discussion topics and some surprises. Join us!