DevOps Porto #34: Freelance and Remote - Is it possible in DevOps?


Welcome to our 34rd meetup about DevOps and its culture, values and practices. This meetup will be held at Selina Cowork.

Remote and freelance work is on the rise, and DevOps is no exception. Or is it? Today we gather 4 people with very different freelance / remote experiences to talk about the greener grass but also the ugly holes of this way of working.


Cláudio is a Systems Administrator/DevOps/SRE and all those fancy words that people use to describe guys that work on Systems. He started working in IT from a young age and has been in the game for around 12 years. From Helpdesk to Systems Engineer he has been working as a freelancer in the SRE/DevOps/Systems area.


Jochem Doolaard is a Leadership Trainer and Facilitator who helps professionals thrive in work and life. After 8 years advising finance & procurement teams in Unilever, extensive world travel and coaching young athletes, he is now running a social learning network for professionals; Dreambuildrs. A vision to go beyond modern education; believing in purpose, growth, community and realizing big dreams.


Miguel Coquet was trained as a Software Engineer, designing, developing and maintaining software at all levels of the stack remotely for a decade, running a fully remote company with a fully remote team for the last 2. Currently building awesome things with select clients @ Cavaco & Coquet.


Miguel David started his career in big multinational institutions (Infineon, ESA, Rackspace) doing Operations and Linux Systems Administration only to fall in love with smaller companies and startups working in the chasm of Development and Operations. He currently is working @ Harvest migrating workloads to Google Kubernetes Engine.

• Welcome
• Chat / Panel: Freelance and Remote - is it possible in DevOps?
• Coffee/Networking break