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So, there's a lot of us, devs, here in Crete. And every month - for the past 5 (!!!) years - we get together and discuss some community-chosen topic of interest. This group is an attempt at bringing us all together for informal chats about what we're all passionate about: technology and software. Join the meet up, learn, teach, speak your mind, sharpen your skills, share the knowledge and help us build a community where devs can openly exchange ideas !

For more information about our community check out our GitHub (https://github.com/devstaff-crete/DevStaff-Heraklion) and Website (https://devstaff.gr/)!

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Authentication (AuthN) & Authorization (AuthZ)

Science and Technology Park of Crete - Step-C

Authentication (AuthN) & Authorization (AuthZ) are two separate but closely intertwined concepts in the world of identity and access management (IAM).

At this meetup, we are pleased to have three speakers that will cover various concepts and approaches around the AuthN & AuthZ topic.


  1. Intro to AuthN/Z & External AuthZ to the rescue - Guilherme Cassolato (25 min)
  2. Standards in production today - Doğukan Zengin (20 min)
  3. Authorino - Kubernetes-native authorization service - Guilherme Cassolato (25 min)
  4. Managed AuthN/Z providers in the cloud - Doğukan Zengin (15 min)
  5. A look into the future - Antonis Chariton (15 min)

Meetup will also have live streaming via Zoom for those who won't be able to join in-person. Zoom URL will be announced a few minutes before the meetup starts.

Pizzas, beers and... socialising!
At the end of the meetup we will have the opportunity to discuss and socialise with some pizzas and beers! 🍕 🍺

🎁 During our meetup four (4) JetBrains licenses will be raffled to the participants!

As a final note - big thanks to our sponsors!

  1. Science and Technology Park of Crete (Step-C) (venue)
  2. JetBrains (licenses)
  3. Fairlo
  4. Advantage FSE

Sponsors keep the meetup free to attend, accessible and provide us with snacks and drinks that keep people around for discussions.
More information about our sponsorships and expenses can be found on DevStaff's Open Collective page.
Thank you! 👏 👏 👏

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