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What we’re about

The purpose of this group is to meet like-minded classical music lovers and attend performances in the company of other enthusiasts.

As formal classical music concerts most often require silence which is not conducive to meeting new people and socializing with them, we use Open Classical events as a way to meet new friends and socialize. These events allow people to socialize at the same time they experience live classical music, which helps build a community of people sharing in the art form.

We also organize outings to the DFW area Symphony Orchestras and Opera performances, as well as to concerts by organizations like the Bach Society and the many fine chamber music groups around the Metroplex.

We are diverse group of people celebrating life through music and believe classical music can be enjoyed by all.

* There is no fee to join this group. The Meetup Group membership fee of $144 per year is paid by Open Classical as a service to the community and to further Open Classical’s mission of fostering communities based on classical music.

To donate, please visit the Open Classical donation page.

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