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Alms Offering and Meditation (Sunday Service)
Join us every Sunday for a day full of gaining merit. There are many ways to gain merit that can be summed up into three basic practices generosity, keeping the 5 precepts, and meditation. Every Sunday we have the opportunity to participate in all 3 practices.We must try to achieve these practices so that we can continue to cultivate good deeds and merit into our lives. Schedule for Sunday Service is below one is free to come at anytime that is most convenient. *most people will be dressed in light colors (white) this helps to promote internal brightness in the mind 9:30am Meditation 10:30am Observe 5 precepts, Food Offering ceremony, Blessing from Monks 10:45am Alms Bowl Offering 11:00am Morning Chanting 11:30am Lunch

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No matter how delicious we can try to make meditation sound in order to tempt you into meditating, this is a fruit that is meant to be eaten and not just described. In the end, it is not for anyone else but you yourself. Meditation removes the blindfold, the darkness that covers our eyes from the truth. Meditation generates the inner light that gives us vision to see just what is really happening around us.

When you attain true bliss and happiness inside yourself through meditation, you will feel so overwhelmed with joy that you will not be able to adequately find words to describe it. No one can do this for you, you have to attain it yourself in order to understand how it feels. When you eat a chili, for example, others may ask you how it tastes, but you can only tell them that it is spicy. They do not really know what spicy means until they try it for themselves. Thus, you cannot describe inner happiness to others. You cannot attain inner peace for others and others cannot attain it for you. This is the truth of life. You must do it for yourself. Embrace the simple relaxed dhammakaya meditation technique that can be used by people of all faiths, regardless of nationality or race to attain inner happiness.

Our meditation sessions are conducted by Dhammakaya practitioners who have committed their lives by ordaining to teaching meditation and dhamma (reality of life). They are eager to teach their technique and wisdom on meditation methods, benefits and knowledge gained from meditation, and our true purpose. Every session will be inspiring and will help encourage one to meditate. Though many of us are aware that meditation can help reduce stress, there is still so much more to learn from benefits of meditating. We constantly need to be reminded on how meditating can be beneficial to our overall well being, otherwise it is easy to forget.

For anyone that might be interested in furthering their understanding and learning meditation
Contact: Bee ( 678-887-3828 or Nat ( 678-447-7434

Location: 4522 Tilly Mill Atlanta, Ga 30360 (ph) 770-452-1111

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