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What we’re about

In spite of having perfectly good criminal laws against extortion, intimidation & violence, Parliament enacted specific anti-male and anti-social laws like IPC 498A in 1983 amongst many others. Now it is proven that the wholesale abuse of men and families by these laws are on the verge of complete breakdown of the family system in INDIA. Even Supreme Court has said that IPC 498A is ‘Legal Terrorism’. USA and Australia have issued travel advisories to their citizens travelling to India on the abusive potential of IPC 498A.

The abuse statistics generated by IPC 498A is mind boggling to sensible citizens
 More than 25 Lakh people jailed since 1983.
 More than 47000 women (Mothers & Sisters) jailed each year.
 About 2 Lakhs cases filed every year.
 Less than 15% are found to be genuine.

India saw over 64000 married Men’s Suicides and over 98000 Male Suicides (2014 NCRB statistics). The damage done to an average male 498A accused cannot be easily calculated.

Save Indian Family - Hyderabad (SIF - Hyd) is part of the Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement which has been working on the social cause of promoting family and marital harmony since 2005. The movement is 40+ strong NGOs which are non-funded, non-profit and absolutely non-commercial. The movement has helped over 20 crores Indians in past 10 years by providing community counselling. The movement focuses primarily on Men Suicide in India because of distress caused by Misuse of various Gender Based Laws. A disturbed Man or loss of a Son/Brother/Father/Husband affects the complete family.

Male are being refused to be treated as a VICTIM Even if he is VICTIMIZED in IPC 498A.

Join us to push the following demands from Government and Parliament of India:
• Scrap IPC 498A
• Formation of Men’s Commission in India