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Photoshop & GIMP Photo Correction Skills (Basic)
Request for Interest: Basic Photoshopping Skills for picture correction and some creative ideas. $50 for 2 hours class with dinner. Once I have 10 I will open the class. Do note that this won't be for beginners, I would expect learners to know your way around Photoshop and GIMP and then I teach you my 'basic' things I do to correct my photos. That would include curves, levels, layering, colour correction, black and white conversions, sharpening, dodge and burning using layers etc. There will be classes for specific uses such as Portraiture, Landscape (that would include HDR using more primitive methods rather than relying on automation that sometimes make a picture look worse than it really is) and Product/Food shoot. I will try to make it a 2 in 1. That means there will be a practical class prior to post editing class. Again if you are interested, do say you want to attend. Once I have hit 10 in SPIN, SPIN-Meetup and SDP-Meetup, I will announce the date and place to conduct the courses.

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I decided to create this group so that new and old photographers can meet up and get advice, talk about what they want to learn about, meet other photographers whether it be in a meetup situation or event. This will be done via face-to-face gatherings. Photographers who join should be prepared to share information. I'm sure that in return we'll all get something out of it.

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