What we're about

Traveling technologists, entrepreneurs, creatives and content creators who aren’t restricted by geographical or political boundaries and are changing the world one keyboard stroke at a time.
Global meetups are organized organically by local folks like you. Anyone is welcome to lead a meetup anywhere in the world.
The format is simple: Get together and talk shop, share experiences, learn, collaborate, get help and help others. One or more people can share a project they’re working on or present an interesting idea to the group.
Location is up to you: conditions permitting, pick a central place convenient for others. A coffee shop, bar, park, beach or poolside all work. Mind social distancing and face mask requirements, as well as local laws and regulations and you should be able to make new friends in no time.
Please contact one of the organizers to setup a local event.

Past events (1)

Inaugural Meetup in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

El Cocotazo Cafe