"Can U Hear Me Now?", with Judy Rees

Digital Transformation in London
Digital Transformation in London
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🍏 Effective communications are essential to effective team working. We can’t work creatively together when we can’t easily hear and be heard. But what happens when you can't meet up with your team members easily? When you’re physically - and perhaps culturally - separated? How can you make yourself understood - and ensure that you understand what others are saying?
It’s not (just) about the tech! In this highly-interactive session you’ll discover three core principles of effective collaborative communication, and practice at least one technique to apply immediately in your next remote conversation.

✨ About the speaker
Judy Rees works with senior leaders, operational managers, teams, coaches, and all kinds of “change professionals” to develop advanced communication skills. Her specialism is supporting highly diverse teams to connect effectively, even when members rarely (or never) meet in person. She facilitates online meetings, workshops, conferences and unconferences and teaches great-in-the-room facilitators and trainers to do their thing remotely. As a former news journalist and media executive, she’s been working with geographically distributed teams since long before it became mainstream. She’s the co-author of the specialist bestseller Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds as well as a number of ebooks and online courses, including Virtual Leadership Secrets.


📅 Agenda
Doors opening at 6:30
7:00 Presentation
8:00 Q&A
8:30 Networking and conclusion

Thanks to Gamesys for hosting the event.

The event is a collaboration between "Digital Transformation in London" group and "Lean Agile Delivery and Coaching" network.