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This group is for anyone involved or interested in digital transformation. We will cover strategy with a focus on enterprise digital which will include subcategories such as devops, cloud, cybersecurity, agile software engineering, AI and machine learning, lean product development, internet of things ,web and mobile ... Ideally this wants to be a safe place where you can exchange insight, concepts, suggestions, experiences and challenges and we are particularly interested in hearing from people that are using technology to get real results. We also want to hear about failures and pitfalls.

Together with our partner community (https://www.meetup.com/Lean-Agile-Coaching-... (https://www.meetup.com/Lean-Agile-Coaching-Meetup/)) we could create a complete offer of content for all people and companies who want to start their journey to the Agile & Digital age.

We are also on youtube where you can watch recorded sessions of our events with the best speakers on Digital and Agile topics:
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Our values are,
Respect (self, other members of this community, the rest of the world),
Integrity (personal & professional)
Competence (demonstrable & related to Agile & Lean topics),
Experience (at all level of the organisation, at all level of skills)
can be summarized in the word RICE (i.e. food for the masses).

As in an Scrum team, the organizer (equivalent to a Scrum master) is responsible to engage the community (equivalent to the developers) and to provide the platform (equivalent to the practices) for sharing contents (equivalent to the product), the community is responsible about the content and to provide feedbacks to the organizer to improve our products. Our product owner is the world!

If you agree this manifesto you are invited to join and to share this community to your networks.

Privacy disclaimer:
Event attendees are encouraged to take pictures and videos could be published to promote the community. With your participation you are giving automatically your consensus to publish them.

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🎬 "Systemic Coaching, a key to ..." with Michelangelo Canonico

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🌈 Have you ever found yourself in conditions of complexity that make you feel short of succeeding with suitable and practical tools to understand what you are and how to come out with the right ideas and appropriate actions held high?

Systemic coaching opens new possibilities and restores personal and organisational health. It is a particular type of professional coaching aimed at balancing and improving the organisational health of the systems of which the coachee and the teams are part, bringing out a more organic awareness, capable of generating more effective actions and favouring them together as well as the parts.

The systemic coach focuses not only on the elements made available by the client but also on the relationships between the elements and the systems that constitute a whole with the problems presented.

📝 In this webinar, we will talk about how this innovative approach addresses relationship and culture, mental models and leadership, behaviour and structural disconnection, offering unconventional but effective ways to work with each of these aspects and their interrelation.

⭐ Michelangelo is a former entrepreneur with a natural aptitude for people and an early adopter of Agile with over two decades of experience in multicultural environments, startup, utility, manufacturing, telco, retail and financial institutions.
He works as a professional Agile Systemic Coach, ICF PCC, and ICAgile trainer at Facilitate Thinking Ltd, coaching individuals, teams and organisations, English and native Italian speakers. His approach to integrating Agile and Systemic Coaching brings life passions and creativity, inspiring, creating and sustaining organisational and individual health.

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelangelocanonico/

📅 Agenda
Connection will open at 6 PM (London time).
Workshop will start after 5' of warm up
Raffle 1x50% off and 2x25% off coupons for the upcoming ICAgile ICP-SYS course Systems and System Coaching
Q&A session at the end

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Information about the connection will be published few days before the event. Stay tuned!

🎬 "#NOMEETINGS" with Javier Rubio

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😰 Are meetings eating up your schedule? Don't you feel productive?
🧘 Can you imagine working without meetings? I know it's possible, because we do it. This session is based on my actual experience working (almost) without meetings in a highly asynchronous collaborative environment.

📝 In this talk, we will explain how different types of meetings require different (trainable) skills. We will look at how to turn meetings into knowledge management artifacts to improve team alignment and initiate an organizational knowledge flow. And we'll review which parts of the organizational culture enable or slow down asynchronous collaborative work.

✨ Ultimately, you'll take away tips for starting the transition to more efficient collaboration at a healthier pace with fewer meetings.

To help preparing the session you are invited to answer to some questions at the following link:
Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

✨ Javier has been working on different roles of the software engineering field for more than 15 years.
"Where I excel the most is in helping people, culture and processes thrive."

twitter https://twitter.com/jrubr
LinkedIN https://www.linkedin.com/in/javi-rubio

📅 Agenda
Connection will open at 6 PM (London time).
Workshop will start after 5' of warm up
Q&A session at the end

🏴 Note:
Information about the connection will be published few days before the event. Stay tuned!

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🎬 "Seeing Clearly in Complexity" with Simon Copsey

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