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What we’re about

Digital Okanagan is an inclusive and diverse community of digital creatives, visionaries and entrepreneurs from across the valley, represented by a wide spectrum of industries, professions and specializations.

As a grassroots volunteer driven community, we work with a variety of industries throughout the Okanagan, to activate a large network of creative and technology professionals.

Our ambition is to make the Okanagan the greatest place to do what we love... together.

Through our actions, it is our goal to:

Sustain the growth of the Okanagan’s digital professional community within our region.

Celebrate and promote individuals and organizations that foster creativity, technology and digital media in the Okanagan.

Engage with and encourage new and established professionals to stay in the Okanagan in order to increase capacity and productivity within the industry.

Promote openness, creativity and collaboration between individuals and organizations, acting as the digital hub for our community.

Through this connection and support we believe that our creative economy will thrive.

We believe:

Collaboration > Competition

Community > Agendas

Participation > Observation

Doing > Saying

Friendship > Formality

Learning > Expertise

Digital Okanagan creates experiences that encourage community members to learn and grow, exploring shared interests in and outside of work. Our array of learning, sharing, connecting events provide opportunities to break loose from the status quo and explore exciting new things while building lasting relationships with our peers.

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