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So many restaurants, so little time!!

Do you love the low key, diverse restaurants along Buford Highway? There are so many! Many good ones, that is. Panaderias-taquerias-pupuserias, bbq-noodle-pho-tofu-curry houses (you get the idea). Let's get out there and enjoy them all! Of course we're going to come across the occasional karaoke bar. And yes, we're going to those, too. Join us!

While there's an expanse of ethnic dining options along this famous highway (Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Mexican, Central and South American), we do go to restaurants off the highway that offer some type of international cuisine (American, Middle Eastern, French, Eastern European, Indian, Caribbean, Ethiopian, etc), or whatever mom-n-pop type place that catches our eye/appetite. Usually it's those places that have piqued your interest when you drive by but can't get anyone to go in with you and you're reluctant to try it out on your own. It's about the culture of food, foods from different cultures but don't call us a food cult. Our focus is expanding as the group grows. We enjoy eating all types of foods. That means no cuisine/food type is entirely off limits.

It's not about the food so much as it is socializing, enjoying yourself, trying something new or different. That's the essence of what this group is about, it's not about critiquing the food or service. Save that whining for Yelp.

We love our flake free group! **Please read the "About"page by clicking on that link BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN the group.** Discourteous behavior/no-shows/last minute cancellations are the bane of any restaurant meetup- we don't put up with that stuff. Don't be that person! If you can't commit to attending an event then please don't RSVP Yes for it. We already know there's traffic, weather problems, working late, blah blah blah.

Free Rice http://www.freerice.com/ is an easy way for you to have rice donated for free to those in need. Read more about it on the World Food Programme's site: http://www.wfp.org/english/?n=681

The value of a rice cooker http://blogs.suntimes.com/ebert/2008/ ......

Photos on the transformation of old chain restos offering 'ethnic food' (taco bells and pizza huts): http://www.meetup.com/dining-buford-h ...... If you'd like to contribute pics- add them along with the street/location.

Sounds of Buford Highway: http://www.pba.org/programming/progra ......

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