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What we’re about

Hi there!

The Walnut Creek Area Dining Out Meetup is about a few things:

  1. People. We're all social people who enjoy making new freinds and having a good time and that's the first goal of our meetups.
  2. Good food. Whether it be an exciting new restaurant, ethnic food, high-end or a cheap-eat, or simply an easy favorite, this group is about enjoying food. If there's a place you love, send a suggestion and we'll get it on the schedule!
  3. Expand our world - whether through food, or people or through the mere act of getting out and doing something you might not normally do, getting together with a group of new people and getting to know each other is expanding your life beyond it's current place.
  4. Fun! Most importantly, we're here to have fun. This is an easy, pressure free way to have a good time relax, socialize, party, indulge... it's whatever we make it.

We'll aim for Thurs/Fri/Saturday meetups, but we're also going to have weekday meetups as well.

In addition, we won't always be having full "dinner" meetups. Let's be honest - some of us enjoy a good plate of nachos over a couple of beers and cocktails. Check our the calendar and see what's coming up!