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Divorce introduces great financial uncertainty and complexity that a person needs to (but may not) understand. The prospect of divorce puts your entire financial future at risk. It can be intimidating and confusing to gain the valuable insight needed.

This MeetUp offers a friendly environment to understand the financial risks and opportunities. You will better navigate the entire divorce lifecycle by seeing through the unique lens of an accomplished and certified divorce financial analyst.

You now have an easy and informal means to gain answers to questions you have identified... and some you have not realized. Discretion is fundamental, and your privacy is respected.

Primary agenda is seminars focused on hot topics, and most events will be online. Suggestions are welcome. Expect cameos from other industry and legal experts. No fees will be required to participate.

Please note: Baron Analytics will try to offer at least one event per month. If you have a more pressing matter and want to talk sooner, please do not hesitate to contact Patrick directly:

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