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It is February, all your new year resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Valentine's day has been and gone. But Django still loves you!

We have a great line up this month, with talks ranging from beginner to advanced. Whether you're a newer Django developer wanting to improve your understanding of some key concepts, or a seasoned Djangonaut, there should be something for you.

We'll meet at Code Node at 7pm for the talks, followed by drinks.

Please note: in order to attend, you also need to register on the Skills Matter site for this meetup. It only takes a second:



7pm - Talks

Talk 1: How to build a cat website in 15 mins - Colm O'Connor

Acceptance test driven development with cookiecutter-django ( and hitch test (

Hitch is a framework for writing integration test with an emphasis on:

• Minimising Brittleness

• Enhancing readability

• Loose coupling

• Test realism

• Tests failing fast and cleanly

Colm is the author of the open source integration testing framework Hitch Test and currently a contract flask developer. He has been a Python and Django developer for 7 years and worked at companies including the BBC, Joost and NTT Docomo

Talk 2: PanelApp, an example of Django helping Genomics - Antonio Rueda-Martin

Once you have genomic data, how do you know what is a marker of a problem? How would your local GP or someone at a hospital? Access to expert knowledge and specialists is hard in any field but within the burgeoning field of genomics, even harder. Django is part of our approach to solving this problem.

Antonio is a biochemist, specialised in human genetics and computational biology. Currently working as bioinformatician at Genomics England (, where I develop solutions for common genomics problems related to data storage, data curation and data analysis. Antonio speaks English, Python, Spanish, R and Java.

Talk 3: How to communicate - Tom Christie

What problems are we running into building Web APIs today? How can we best take advantage of Django's upcoming channels work to build realtime systems? What are Django's strengths in the changing API landscape, and how can it stay relevant?

Tom is the author of the Django REST Framework (, widely used by Mozilla, Heroku, Eventbrite, RedHat and many other organisations.

8pm - SpaceBar

Our venue, Code Node, will have a brilliant new bar open serving both soft and alcoholic drinks, as well as snacks.

9.45pm - The Red Lion

The SpaceBar shuts around 9.45pm, so at this time we'll migrate across the road to the Red Lion pub for a final drink.