Django July Meetup - Coding Summer


We'll meet at Code Node at 7pm for the talks, followed by drinks.

Please note: in order to attend, you also need to register on the Skills Matter site for this meetup. Please do so here:
(It only takes a second!)


(6:30pm - Code Node is open, feel free to arrive early, grab some tea, and socialize whilst we set up)


James Pacileo - Untangling Django, Typescript and Angular 2

Richard Barran - Project django-minipub

David Seddon - Django System Check Framework

8pm - SpaceBar

Our venue, Code Node, will have a brilliant new bar open serving both soft and alcoholic drinks, as well as snacks.

9:45pm - The Red Lion

The Space Bar shuts, so we'll migrate across the road to the Red Lion pub, where we can have a final drink.