July Django Meetup


Arrive at Code Node from 6:30pm for talks starting at 7pm, followed by socialising in the Code Node Space Bar and then The Red Lion.

Please note: in order to attend, you need to be registered on Skills Matter too. Please do so at https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11175-london-django-july-meetup

This meetup is sponsored by:

Festicket (https://festicket.workable.com/): "Festival package travel startup. 50+ staff, high pay, ping pong + beer."

Thread (https://www.thread.com/): "We help people to feel happier and more self-confident, by making it easy to dress well, using stylists and data science. Dedicated to maintaining a great working environment, minimising politics and maximising impact."

Time Out (https://timeout.com/): "The trusted global platform that inspires and enables people to experience the best of the city."

Verve (https://verve.co): "We turn word of mouth into your best sales channel."


6:30pm - Arrivals

Code Node is open, feel free to arrive early, grab a drink from the bar or a free tea/coffee/water, and socialise whilst we set up.

7pm - Talks

**Concurrency and Parallelism in Python: Not as Complicated as you Think**

In this talk, Ibukun Oluwayomi will attempt to answer the following questions:

• What really is concurrency?
• Is concurrency the same thing as parallelism?
• What concurrent problems are and why approaching them concurrently is the best approach.
• What tools for concurrency and parralellism are available in the python standard library and the limitations they have.
• What the Global interpreter lock (GIL) is and why the Python Multithreading module is not what you might expect.

This talk will barely scratch the surface of concurrency as it is quite a complicated topic in software development. Ibukun's goal is to show that you do not have to understand all of those complexities to take advantage of its benefits as a Python developer.

Ibukun is a Software Development Engineer on the Server frameworks and Architecture team at Amadeus services London where he tries to automate everything automatable. He is a recent graduate of Ryerson University Canada where he studied Biomedical Engineering. His career is just starting out; however, he is passionate about Test driven development and DevOps.

**GraphQL and Django**

Mat Clayton, CTO and co-founder of Mixcloud (a Django powered website with over 10Million active users) will take us through GraphQL in the Django world.

7:45pm - The Space Bar

We'll enjoy some free pizza and drinks from our sponsors whilst we socialize and discuss all things Django.

9pm - The Red Lion

We'll migrate across the road to a room booked in the Red Lion pub, where there is a bar menu available should anyone like to eat.