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What we’re about

We are artists, musicians, performers, singers, and writers committed to human rights, social and economic justice, and environmental renewal who wish to offer our talents to change the world. We will gather for fun together; to make music; to create; to plan and respond to opportunities to contribute the talents we have for causes each of us cares about; and to encourage and enjoy each other. Let's have fun sharing time with fellow artistic progressives out and about; let's enjoy each other's talents; let's perform/compose songs to challenge the consciences of the complacent; let's express ourselves through music, the written word, and performance to build community; let's be part of meaningful activism here at home, and let's rock the world. We will socialize, create together, look for chances to perform (for fun just among us and/or to promote events and causes here in the DMV); and let's see where our hearts, minds and muses lead us.