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Real estate investing is what truly supercharges your way to establish a legacy for yourself, your family, and your network . How much longer will you stress to make end meets with your 9-5, take on student debt that you have no idea how to pay back, chase ever-moving commission targets, or accommodate driving strangers to supplement income?

Start planting the seeds now and your future self will thank you! If you're looking for a change, come and learn how you can become an educated real estate investor with a community of folks learning and building with you via one of the top-rated and most affordable real estate investing education platforms in the market.

It doesn't matter what your profession is or will be, real estate investing should be apart of financial success plan. We all have an opportunity to learn more. This is information school simply failed to share and equip us with. Learn about money, how to budget it, how to protect it, how to leverage it, and how to grow it over time by way of real estate investing. Don't worry about your credit score. Nothing changes if we don't!

Our group facilitates learning the following:

- How to accelerate paying off your debt via Velocity Banking to free up cash and improve your credit (Velocity Banking will literally change your life. Learn how to accelerate paying off student loans, car notes, and mortgages in half the time or more by experts!)

- How to evaluate if a real estate deal is actually a deal and how to find money to invest in the first place.

- How to establish a business entity and how to determine the appropriate entity to start with in the first place (LLC, S-Corp, Corporation, Series LLC, etc.)

- Tax planning strategies that will allow you to keep more money in your pockets ( most people are worried about their tax return at year-end. Learn what you should be doing throughout the year to make year-end count for you! Wealth creation starts with tax planning! Its not magic- its knowing the information!)

- How to write-off business expenses in compliance with the IRS (yes- meals, travel, home-office, cell-phones, apple watch)

- Step-by-step guidance on wholesaling, fix&flips, rental properties, auctions, short sales, tax liens, tax deeds,

Take control of your financial well-being and invest in yourself.

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