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Every year, thousands of people decide to try their hand at Real Estate Investing. Many take the first step and invest in education in a specific niche. Some take the next step, which is to invest in tools for marketing, organizing and automating their business. However, most don’t stick to it long enough to see results. This is partly due to having unrealistic expectations from the onset. If you don’t want to be a REI drop out then you must consistently take the right actions in your Real Estate Investing Business.

I’ve spoken to new investors who just want to do 1 or 2 wholesale deals to make a few dollars. Most of them don’t realize the amount of work involved in doing 1-2 deals. Getting one wholesale deal is a process of target marketing to 100’s of homeowners with direct mail, driving neighborhoods looking for distressed properties, tracking down the owner, following up for months until they are ready to sell, and consistently looking for fresh leads. Don’t forget evaluating comps to determine the after repair value, hiring someone to estimate repairs to learning to do it themselves, making offers using a purchase & sale agreement, negotiating a win-win deal with the owner, working with a local title company to close the deal and finding and vetting buyers, transactional funding, mitigating issues with buyers who don’t perform, and finally getting a check. This doesn’t include issues that need further experience like probate, tax liens, short sales, etc.

The point is the amount of work it takes to do one wholesale deal should make you realize that it is a business. When you understand this business you can easily apply what you’ve learned to doing other types of deals, especially rehabbing and buy and hold. You can even use this knowledge to venture into buying with creative financing. I share this with you because I really want you to have realistic expectations so you don’t quit before you even start!

That being said, the most important part of your foundation is learning how to find motivated sellers. Our goal for our Coaching students is to help them stay focused on building a lead processing machine, learn how to evaluate leads, automate processes, and make their first offer in 90 days or less and navigate their way to closing. This is the process we teach regardless of which exit strategy they choose. Our coaching program works for wholesaling, creative financing, landlording, buy-rent-rehab-refinance and flipping.

If you want to be successful you must commit to the process for at least 12 months whether you have a coach or not. However the process means, marketing, processing leads, evaluating properties, making offers, negotiating and getting to closing.

Don't let anything stop you!!! Life get's in the way, but as Les Brown so eloquently put it “If you fall down make sure you fall on your back, 'cause if you can look up you can get up!"

Even if you have less than 10 hours a week for real estate you can do it! Start where you are and continue to show up! Again just don’t quit before you even start!

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Everyone can benefit from coaching, just make sure you choose the right coach and be coachable!

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