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Intro from previous organizer:

Welcome to the Kansas City area Dungeons and Dragons Meet up group. We have been meeting since late December '07. This is a great place to host your games, find a DM, and to find players! We are always looking for more great DM/GMs to schedule their games. All systems are welcome! If you want to run, or join in, any other types of games feel free. We Welcome all types of gamers! Have fun and play games!

Now me:

Hi, I'm Rachel West. I took over this group two years ago. I started Meetup, started learning Dungeons & Dragons, and became an Organizer all in the course of about 4 months. So now that I have gotten my sea legs, I would like to impart a little of what I have learned so far.

A lot of people in Meetup have just moved here and are looking to make new friends. Many are also just locals whose lives have changed and they need a new social outlet. Whatever brings you here, practically everyone joins and then hesitates to attend any meetups for months. It is totally normal to just watch the schedule of events to see what we've got to offer. Come join whenever, we are very friendly. I promise.

I am a Meetup devotee now. I have had so much fun, and a lot of what Kansas City has to offer is cheap or free amazingly.

I have found a couple of groups that are into other RPGs. Did you know that there were other RPGs besides Dungeons & Dragons? That's crazy. And they are run with the same silly people playing D&D.

For anyone looking to get into D&D, whether it is 5th Edition or not, here are some helpful tips:

You can learn to play at any game group. But it helps to start at the shops. We got Tabletop in Overland Park, Pulp Comics in Lee's Summit, Game Cafe in Independence, Pawn & Pint and Level One in Downtown.

All of these shops have books, dice, miniature figures, various accessories. It will take some time to get yourself set up with the basic supplies. It will take even longer to sort out all of the rules and the spells and the Classes and the math. But stick with it. It's worth a little embarassment for the fun you will end up having.

There is this app called D&D Beyond. A lot players get going through this. It does some of the work for you.

Make friends with a printer. You are probably going to need it.

Add the shops to your Facebook page. They usually have a separate page for groups looking for players.

Listen to D&D podcasts. There's Critical Role, Drunks & Dragons, Dissonant Whispers. Explore.

Ask questions, and google stuff. There's like 50 years of info out there. It gets confusing.

You can just buy a book and start running your own neighborhood game. You will learn what you need to know as you go. It will be fine.

Also, in Meetup culture- some events show no RSVPs but people from outside of Meetup are still coming. Some groups don't tolerate that. So, you may not know what you're showing up to until you attend an event. A good host tries to keep these things as accurate and up to date as possible.

I have come to realize that, in an earlier version of this site, this group allowed everyone to schedule their own events. I don't know when that was changed to only the organizer and co-organizers can do it. (I have searched the group settings several times to see if I can put it back.)

So- if you wanna make an event happen on here, have an event pic and a description written. I have the app on my phone, so I get direct messages instantly. Nate checks the site daily, so he will catch it pretty quickly. Mark, George, and Jon don't get on here that much. But feel free to add whatever crazy thing you wanna try.

I have started a Ko-Fi for paying for this group- https://ko-fi.com/E1E6LJA5 (https://ko-fi.com/E1E6LJA5?)? I have paid the $86 every six months for the last two years, and I can't budget for that this year. And I shy away from demanding membership dues from people that deserve a chance to try this out for a while before ponying up cash. So if you hang out, and decide you like us, please "buy the group a coffee." I think the average donation is set at $3.00 on that website, but it's flexible to what you want to pay.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I see you around.

I think that is everything I have for now (May 7, 2019). I will add more if I think of anything.

Upcoming events (5+)

Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League at Pawn & Pint

Pawns and Pints (new location)

Please note the new location ! Every Tuesday at 6:30pm the Heroes of Kansas City meet at Pawn & Pint to explore and defend the Sword Coast! Players are welcome to bring their own Character Sheets, or use one of dozens of Free Pre-Generated Characters, as we continue our Adventure! Both new and experienced players welcome! Adventurers League uses the 5th Edition Rule Set for Dungeons and Dragons. Games usually run for around four hours at the latest. We have multiple DM's available to accommodate larger groups. This event is hosted at Pawn & Pint, Kansas City's First Board Game Cafe. With over a thousand games in their collection, and friendly staff available to help teach games, it is the ideal meet-up location for gaming in the Crossroads. Admission is $5, or Free for Pawn & Pint Membership holders, and includes playing in the Adventurers League as well as access to the entire game library for the whole day.

1st ed D&D Neopolis!

Level One Game Shop

The first edition D&D Neopolis Campaign will start at 5:00 PM! Visitors and observers are always welcome! If you a thinking investigator and want to adventure with a lawful good team in an original campaign, RSVP! Beginners, Old Players and New Players are welcome.

RPG Night at Pawn and Pint

Pawns and Pints (new location)

Please note that Pawns & Pints has moved to a new location ! Pawn & Pint is a bar, so legally requires customers to show ID to prove they're over 21 or are accompanied by a Parent/Guardian. Join us every Wednesday for RPG open-table gaming. On these evenings, we are encouraging all play styles and RPGs, with an emphasis on having fun and being inclusive of those who wish to participate and learn a new game. We welcome DM's who would be interested in hosting their adventures on a weekly basis and are able to manage an open table. Any RPG system - be it D&D, Pathfinder, Traveller, Star Wars - there are usually players available ! $5 pay-to-play fee is waived for Pawns & Pints members as usual

Crimson. 5e Homebrew Campaign

Level One Gameshop

***TABLE IS FULL, NOT ACCEPTING NEW PLAYERS AT THIS TIME*** Welcome to Crimson: Crimson is a post-apocalyptic D&D setting I have created for 5e. It will have some similar elements to Dark Sun, but it will not specifically play off of DS and all the mechanics and intangibles of DS. There is magic in the world, but it is not fairly common outside of the 3 cities and some of the more known encampments. The world was once lavish with color, various greens throughout the fields and rolling hills in the backdrop, a blue sky that resembled an ocean with the occasional waves of clouds. The sun, a beacon of light and source of climate stability above. The very things many take for granted were always there and never consistently thought of. Farms flourished, animals plump with meat, fruits ripe for the picking and an abundance of fresh water and fish for humans, humanoids and all animals and beasts alike to eat until their hearts and stomachs were content. Skirmishes were common throughout the lands as many others would feel throughout history. The Dwarves and their gadgets pushing the evolution of their time in comparison to the elves who seemed more primitive and regarded nature as a sentient being...a God if you will. Humanoids were in many shapes and sizes and in most instances stayed tucked away in their own nooks of the world. Defend when threatened, attack when greedy, align when needed. The kingdom was controlled by the Berkhardt family. King Berkhardt, a widower who never remarried after his beloved passed away while giving birth to their son Prince Berkhardt. It has been rumored that he sucked the life force out of her and the 3 mid-wives who tried to help raise him from the milk of their breasts. 4 women deceased, 1 child alive. He was always a pleasant Prince. Gave to the people selflessly, always supported his father the King and went into numerous battles for the kingdom. The rumors were just fables created to craft a lore of fear and respect as many nobles have. What seems to be a typical world became all but that. A rumble that resembled the hooves of all horses in the nation battering the ground echoed throughout the world. The soil beneath the feet almost boiled, popping and cracking in anger. Lakes and rivers turned to a gaseous steam, creating a sauna of heat that killed livestock, humans and humanoids effortlessly with pause or reservations to any of its victims. Bursts of crimson colors illuminated the sky. Lava geysers bursting creating molten rivers of slow rolling fire and ember trails. Meteoric rocks battered the lands, crushing civilizations, turning once notable trade centers to ruins. Greens turned to reddish brown wastelands, life turned to decay, the scorch became constant. The deafening screams of anything living faded, the silence thereafter was even louder as it carved out madness in the minds of rest who existed. The surface covered in soot, bodies that were once whole were heaped into a pile of ash as anyone and everyone who could burrowed underground, grasping and clinging to life support. Is this the age of extinction upon them?

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