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Hey People i am interested in getting groups together to play D&D version 3.5 or higher. I have some experience in D&D, but am still fairly new to the game. If need be i will learn to DM, but rather have more play time before doing DM. I live in the sugarland area. I enjoy the game and the excitment that can go with it. I have a couple sets of dice, a few minitures, and some tiles to play with. I am willing to buy more. My house is capable of five to six players to play in.

Hit me up with a email i will try to check back here three times a week.

Hey i have seen a few new names on the site and i would like to say welcome. We are currently playing one campaign every other Sunday at 4 to around 9. This group is full. Yet i am sure we have plenty of members that want to play a second group. I am asking any members who have DM exp. to email me and i will try to get a second group together. Please we have all these members that would like to play and our first group is full. Let me know if you can DM and what your availability is.


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Ilsands Of Honor and Corruption
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I have no location for the game currently but it would be a loosely 3.5 Game with homebrew by the majority. I have a very nice Story/Player driven plot basis worked out the setting again very loosely akin to Green Ronins Rokugan.....For those who don't know what that is the closest I could describe it is a japanese fuedal era based game with varying degree's of tech involved. I only need one or two people currently but if the small group goes well I can see to adding more ( Just being cautious as I haven't run a group in a few years now.

It'd be besat to actually message me on my FB than on here. Darrin Johnson in Houston.

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D&D Nentir Vale Campaign - New Players Welcome
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hello, I am a relatively new member of this group, but I am looking for a time, a date, and a fun loving group of people as a DM to join my 4th edition campaign in the Nentir Vale. It is a starter campaign that can end or a certain point, or it can continue on into a larger campaign I have developed myself. At this point I am looking at either Weekends sometime or maybe Wednesday, but if we can get a time that works for everyone that joins, all the better.

I'm a new DM in the katy area
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hey everyone my name is Alex and I just moved to Katy TX. I don't know anyone out here really and I would like to start a group running 3.5/pathfinder/homebrew rules. My world is a constant evolving one where my previous players roam, rule, and defend. Placed in an era where technology depends on the region and much of the world has yet to be explored. You're welcome to my world, you're welcome to Auir. Sadly I don't have a place were we could meet so if others have a suggestions that would be great.

I have several games w/ opening (NW Houston)
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Note that for Games "1" and "2" they are not played in any specific order. We break for dinner and switch games but either game could come first. We can nail it down and play the same game first every time if we have someone join who has a preference and can only make one of the 2 games.

Game1 - D&D/pathfinder mix, pretty flexible on rule sources as long as they are paizo/WoTC or get special review for custom stuff
alternate Saturdays, played in Katy (I10 @99)

Group is a 20th level limited magic item game, any alignment is OK. I DM this one myself the whole time. 10,000gp magic budget but you get full book starting gold for non-magic stuff. The objective is to de-empasize gear over player abilities. Feats are every other level. Level adjustment / monster races is allowed. There is no real advancement for the characters, you start at 20th level and stay at 20th level. You can swap out characters though if you want to try something new. How often do you get to test out 20th level builds?

Game2 - Pure pathfinder (all core Paizo is allowed)
played in Katy (I10 @99)

Group is currently 2nd level and good-ish in alignment.

Game3 - 1st edition AD&D (the gold spines) on alternate Friday nights and the location in Katy (Cinco ranch & 99). Party is traditionally good with a paladin in it.

starts ~7pm till about midnight
PH, monster manual(s), DMG, unearthed arcana is about it, without too many house rules

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