Celebrate the Birth of D&D


On January 26th 1974 (or thereabouts) the first rulebooks for D&D were published for sale. Come celebrate and rediscover the original edition of the game with experienced referees from the local area.

Several referees will be available to run games, using the original rules, house ruled versions of the original rules, or rules up to and including AD&D 1e, B/X, BECMI, or their OSR equivalent. If you would like to referee a table, contact me.

No materials are needed. Characters will be rolled at the table or provided. Dice are optional as well, I should have enough spare sets on hand.

There is no cover fee, but this event is also not an official Emerald Tavern event. I've booked the space at my own expense.

NOTE: No outside food or drink will be allowed.

Currently scheduled referees:
* Steven Clark
* Jimm Johnson
* Tres Churchill
* Lawson Benett
* Norm Harman
* Nathan Jennings
* Anthony Huso