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What we’re about

This group is for everyone, no requirements other than a current photo of yourself. It’s purpose is to promote fun, interesting and challenging  events (restaurants, movies, festivals, biking, hiking, running, volleyball, adventure racing, travel, backpacking, kayaking, tennis, golf, board games etc.)
"Exercise will feel better if you do it with some good pals, according to a new study just published in the Royal Society’s Biology Letters."  It doesn't matter at what level you are!   LET'S GET IT STARTED, AND HAVE SOME FUN!!!!
***By participating in any of our events, you hereby absolve, release and waive any and all liability claims or demands against “Do Something” and each and every member thereof, which may arise out of, or be related to any injury, financial loss, damage or pecuniary loss to you or to any member of your family by reason of such participation in group sponsored activities.