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What we’re about

The DoActCrazy Group (Augusta) is created primarily for artists who are passionate about being involved with producing new media, especially original video content for the web in serial and episodic formats. Actors, video bloggers, and aspiring film makers are the most obvious artists who’ll benefit from participating in this group – however, I hope this group attracts a wide scope of individuals. This includes actors, videographers, film makers, special effects / compositors, writers, musicians, photographers, makeup artists, poets, web developers, web designers, painters, illustrators, comic artists, t-shirt designers, comedians, cooks, foodies, entrepreneurs, social networkers, and community organizers. The DoActCrazy Group focuses on active artist collaborations with an emphasis on creating high quality, original video content effectively. This group focuses on doing real, tangible projects – this is not an industry support group that focuses on discussing thoughts and opinions about art and/or being an artist. These meetings (called Acts) are small, intimate, and focused gatherings. Participants are able to relax comfortably at the table or on the sofas. These acts feature a mixture of facilitated activities such as welcoming introductions, brainstorming, and collaboration activities, and ongoing media development sessions for DoActors who participate consistently on ongoing media projects. In addition to the weeknight meetings, once each month, DoActors (that’s what members are called) will have the opportunity to participate in a weekend production project. Projects will include mock commercials, short films, comedic sketches, reactrics, live webcasts, interview segments, and video editing / compositing experiments. The DoActCrazy Group is created and facilitated by David Plutado Fugate through his new media production and consulting outfit, CompanyName.TV LLC.