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The March event is hosted at eDreams, with speakers from Docker and Atlassian. They will share with us their experience in teaching legacy applications to run in containers and how to fit containers in an pre-existing production environment.

The talks will be given in Spanish.


* 19:00-19:15 Introduction
* 19:15-19:45 Dockerizing Legacy Applications by Pablo Chico de Guzmán @Docker
* 19:45-20:15 Just Enough Docker by Ramiro Berrelleza @Atlassian
* 20:15-21:00 Pizza & Networking


* Dockerizing Legacy Applications: Docker is the dominant tool for containerizing applications. It is quite simple to start a new application using Docker and you see the benefits very soon. A different story is the challenge of migrating a legacy application to docker. Even if the app is not decomposed in different microservices or if you are far of making use of container cluster management tools like kubernetes or swarm, there is still a great value on containerizing your apps: local environment setup, ci automation, security or portability. We will cover this problem in detail and introduce the MTA (Modernize Traditional Applications) Docker Program

* Just Enough Docker: Docker democratized the container technology a few years ago. Containers are a great solution to execute processes in a portable way, and distribute these processes along different machines. On the other hand, having deployment tools based on the container as the unit of deployment introduces new challenges already solved by virtualization technology. This talk will cover these scenarios, and give the speaker point of view about the best usage of the container technology.

Speaker Bios

* Pablo is Software Engineer @docker where he is responsible of developing and maintaining Docker Hub and OSS developers tools. He has been using Docker since 5 years ago and thinks the container journey is just beginning. Prior that, he completed his PhD on on parallel computation and advanced compilation techniques in order to allow more declarative programming techniques.

* Ramiro is Software Architect @atlassian. He has extensive skills in computing, scalability, cloud, testing, distributed system and engineering practices. Currently interested in cloud technologies, internet of things, scalability problems and startups.