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Started in July of 2008, Doctor Who Fans Unite is a group of people who love the Doctor in all of his various forms. Regardless of whether you are only fan of the older series or the new or even if you are only a Torchwood fan, this is the group for you. We are dedicated to anything and everything related to The Doctor.

We welcome anyone with an interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Our group meets on a monthly basis. We discuss, watch and debate all aspects of the Who Universe.

We are also a Nonprofit Corporation registered with the state of Texas. Doctor Who Fans Unite has been created to bring together fans of the long time running television show Doctor Who. We have united ourselves with the common interest of the show and now, in following with the beliefs of the main character, our mission is to serve the community as a group.

We participate in various charitable events, such as walks, telethons etc. We raise money for established charities and causes as Doctor Who Fans Unite, thus helping others while promoting awareness of our group. We will accept monetary contributions that are designated for established charities.

All of our Nonprofit Endeavors are on a strictly volunteer basis.

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NOTE NEW DATE/LOCATION: Doctor Who- Even More Captain Jack!

Rialto Cinema Bar & Grill

LEASE NOTE THE NEW LOCATION! While our home theater, the Rialto is under renovation until November, 2019, we'll be meeting at the newly refurbished Bijou. The Bijou has a strict age policy and CHILDREN 12 YEARS AND UNDER ARE NOT PERMITTED. When we return to the Rialto, we will gladly welcome Whovians of all ages again. Join us for even more Captain Jack Harkness goodness when we screen two episodes of Doctor Who with Utopia and The Sound of Drums, parts one and two of a three-part story arc that will conclude in November with Last of the Time Lords. In our first episode of the evening, Captain Jack comes into the Doctor's life again and the TARDIS is thrown to the end of the universe. As the last remnants of humanity struggle to reach "Utopia", unknown to all, the Doctor's greatest enemy is about to rise again... In The Sound of Drums, the Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones and Jack Harkness return to present day London, horrified to discover that Prime Minister Harold Saxon is the Master. "Saxon" informs the world about receiving contact from an alien race called the Toclafane. Framed as fugitives, the Doctor, Martha and Jack try to sneak in and stop the Master before he unleashes a wave of terror. But his dark ambitions reach beyond the stars... With amazing guest stars and the lovely Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones, these episodes will only leave you with a one-month wait for the final episode, unlike the six-month gap between episodes when originally broadcast! The preshow starts at 7:00 and the episodes begin screening at 7:30. Come decked out in your Whovian finery and join us for a fantastic evening! This is a private meeting for our members, but feel free to bring your friends. (The more, the merrier!) If you RSVP and later find that you are unable to attend, please change your status so we can plan accordingly. Many of you have been doing this and it has helped tremendously, as we base our theater reservations on the number of people signed up to attend approximately one week prior to the showing.

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