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Are you ready to have a bunch of misfits and strangers throw things at you while trading sometimes inappropriate "ball" related taunts? If so, then DODGEBALL might just be the thing for you.

Come join us for a friendly pick-up game open to adults of all creeds, races, skill levels, political affiliations and genders (...and yes, women not only play dodgeball, but they kick ass!)

Although there is a core group of regular players, the game is very easy to pick up and newbie friendly (really, we're not just trying to recruit easy targets - honestly...) The balls are vinyl covered foam, so it doesn't usually hurt unless you catch one in the seeds.

We usually have a weeknight game and weekend game - each running about 2 hours. We usually play at the MLK Center in Minneapolis, or 43 Hoops in Hopkins (see event details)

Not only is it a complete blast, but at only $3 a session it's less than pint of Guinness

So - go ahead and RSVP already...

<br> <br> Also, if you haven't yet, check out:

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<br> <br> FUN FACT: Since starting in 2004 at Kenwood Park, we've played over 25,000+ individual games of dodgeball

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