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What we’re about

Do you love dogs?? Do you just go "awwww" when you see ANY dog, pet or stray doesn't matter (ferocious and calm, may :P )?? Would you like to take your furry, four-legged friends out for fun time, with other folks and their friendly dogs, who'd love them and enjoy their company just as much, if not more?? Would you like to play with other friendly dogs and help your dog get friendly with other people and their dogs?? If yes, then this group is for you!!

The objectives of this group are:

• to do weekly meet-ups, with our canine friends; 

• take them out and meet other people with their dogs and play with them; 

• help your dogs get social; 

• maybe throw a ball or a frisbee for the doggies to have fun; and

• organize several fun events, like Doggie Lunches/brunches/pot-lucks, Doggie Dates, Doggie Games etc.

How did the idea come to my mind?? Well, I have a 5 years old Golden Lab -- Bruno (I named him Scooter, but my Ma said, "Kya ab kutton ka naam bhi tum Cycle, Scooter, Rickshaw rakhogey??" :D  So, she lovingly named him Bruno, the quintessential Indian Lab name..  :P  Anyways, coming back to the point. Bruno, now lives with my family, in Gujarat. Although, they've recently moved (temporarily) to Gujarat, but, in these past couple of months, I've missed my boy like crazies.

Since, I was terribly missing my boy, Bruno, I started searching for an online meet-up group to maybe get together with dog lovers and meet their furry friends, to play and have fun with. Sadly and strangely, I couldn't find any! Hence, this meet-up group.

This group is for people who'd love to hang-out with people who have a pet dog and/or who'd love to take their dogs out for a fun meet-up. I'm not sure how this will work for the different breeds, haven't tried this before! But, I'd love to try and see if this works, for good. Anyone who has a dog or would love to play with dogs, can join.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's Leash (or not, if they're trained) your doggies and bring them to the meet-up, to let people like me enjoy their company!! It's gonna be awesome fun time, I guarantee! ;D

P.S.: We can also plan doggie vacations, where you will NOT have to think about sadly leaving your dog best friend back home and stay worried all the time. These shall be called Doggie Getaways! 

Let's do this!!! :D