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What we’re about

Dear Writers,

After review with regular attendees of the group, we've decided to make a few changes to the rules of the group - these will be posted below after the general introduction (who wants to be scolded right at the get-go) but please note that these rules will be taken seriously.

Are you a creative writer/author? Do you live, or work, in Doha ? Are you looking for a group of like-minded individuals? Need some inspiration? Then Join the Doha Writers Forum! 

DWF is a writers' group that mixes between working on general writing prompts provided before each session and presenting works on our writing projects for group feedback. We are also open to holding talks by members if they volunteer to do so, and the talks can range in topic to new styles of writing, writing mechanics, and getting your work published. Writing critique meanwhile allow any creative writer to volunteer and read their work for instant feedback and advice in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. It doesn't matter if you are a 'seasoned writer' or you have just started to 'dabble'. This writer's forum is especially for those who would like to exchange ideas and gain some much needed insight for their current writing project. So why not come along to our next meeting to see how we roll? 

A couple of things to note, to join us you must: 

- This group is for writers 21 years of age or older

- write novels, plays, monologues, scripts, screenplay, short stories, poems and the like (i.e. any FICTION of CREATIVE NON-FICTION writing projects - no thesis reviews please)

- live, or work, in Doha, or close enough to attend our meetings

- want to meet a friendly and supportive group of like-minded individuals, and to become such a friendly and supportive member of the group - this can be accomplished by:

- Attending sessions that you commit to attending to by signing up

- Not work at cross-purposes with the premise of the group, or engage in any overly controlling behavior

- Not offer any members any unwanted attention or advances

- you are just starting to write, writing, editing/submitting to agents, agented, or published (it really doesn't matter to us).

All applications are considered individually by the organizers, so please take the time to fill out our quick profile so we can quickly approve your request and you can come along to your first meetup.

Please also note the following:

• All meetings are conducted in English, and all presented materials are in English as well

• While we encourage anyone writing to join, we are not an ESL group, and you are required to be able to follow the group's discussions and provide feedback

• This is a supportive environment - any personal attacks or nonconstructive criticism are not allowed, and may be grounds for dismissal and banning from the group

• non-active members may be removed from the roster and asked to rejoin - we are aiming to maintain a count of 50 writers at most, with the ultimate aim a small group of actively engaged members rather than a large group of members for whom we are a low priority

• All materials shared with the group are considered the property of the original creator - please do not share these materials with anyone outside the group without the express permission of the original creator

Looking forward to meeting you all, and happy writing!