Under the Hood of PostSharp


At this meetup we have the opportunity to meet PostSharp's found and principal engineer.

Gael started to work on PostSharp in 2004 and has never stopped. Today, thousands of .NET developers rely on this tool to automate the boring part of their job.

In this talk, Gael gives you an engineer-to-engineer guided tour of PostSharp internals, from the high-level architecture to the most interesting low-level details, and explains the reasoning behind them. Gael also chats about the most challenging aspects of running a development tool company.

No question will be left unanswered.

A unique learning opportunity for any curious .NET developer.

The Venue will be provided by Donau City Spaces (https://techtalk.at/dc-spaces/), the new workshop & conference room provider in Vienna and TechTalk’s latest project.

Food & Drinks will also be provided by TechTalk.


- Door opens at 17:30
- Stream starts at 18:00


- Welcoming
- Watching
- Socializing

Be aware, that TechTalk will be on the 16th floor and not anymore on the 11th.
We got a new office!