Hot & Fast: Implementing GraphQL backend & Blazor frontend with HotChocolate!


What is hotter than putting putting GraphQL and Blazor together? There is only one way to top this by putting it into the cloud with Azure.

Let us build together a real-time Blazor application that takes data fetching to the next level by binding GraphQL fragments to your Blazor components. This lets you build data-driven applications in a whole new way.

We will use Hot Chocolate to build our GraphQL server with subscription support and put it into an Azure Function. After you have seen what we can do with GraphQL and Blazor in this talk, you will forget the REST ;)

This talk is delivered by two speakers: Michael Staib & Jose Luis Latorre

Michael Staib
Michael Staib - ChilliCream
Michael Staib is the co-founder of ChilliCream, a company focused on building open-source tooling around GraphQL and helping large companies transform their service layers with scalable GraphQL infrastructure. Apart from his work at ChilliCream, Michael works as a trainer, consultant and speaker in the Microsoft environment.

José Luis Latorre Millas
José is a software developer and architect working at Zühlke, a highly recogniced consulting company with ist Headquarters located at Switzerland. There he is Focusing in the cloud, he has also been an MVP for 9 years and is passionate about technology, .NET, Azure, AI and Blazor.
Jose enjoys sharing his knowledge and having fun while doing so, either at user group talks, conferences or in trainings.