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March Open Source special @ Swiss Life

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Jose Luis L. and 3 others
March Open Source special @ Swiss Life


"March OSS" .NET Zurich meetup @ Swiss Life
(Update we changed it to March 28 to fit the speakers)

Join us in person or online at
We are having an Open Source special for March!

We will have three talks focused on OSS:
- Less is more—a build pipeline for the modern age (Adam Ralph)
- From bUnit with love - How Open Source can help you! (Steven Giesel)
- Looking back at 10 years of open-source community contributions (Damien Bowden)

The event is held in English.

Title: Less is more—a build pipeline for the modern age
Who: Adam Ralph
Abstract: In today's world of rich CI and infrastructure tooling, it's often easy to forget about elements of the UNIX philosophy:
“Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together.”
As it turns out, we can apply this philosophy to our build and CI/CD pipelines just as much as ever. In my personal journey, I've followed the bell curve from basic building blocks, to rich, integrated systems, and all the way back down again.
Join me and learn how to pick the best building blocks for your build pipeline, with examples in C# and .NET, and above all—how to keep it simple.
Bio: Adam is a distributed systems enthusiast and digital nomad. He works for Particular Software, the makers of NServiceBus. Adam has designed and maintained complex software systems at several companies in the finance industry. He's seen both the good and the bad that can come from applying techniques like SOA, DDD, and microservices. He also likes to speak, maintain open source projects, and fix white space rule violations.

Title: From bUnit with love - How Open Source can help you!
Who: Steven Giesel
Abstract: Hey, I am Steven, one of two maintainers of bUnit, THE testing library for Blazor components. In this talk, I will show how you can benefit from open source for your technical skills, but also soft skills. We will see how you can start your open-source journey and widen your horizon. For that, I will use examples from our own bUnit repositories and show some of the processes we do! There is also a "lessons learned" section - because not everything is sunshine and rainbows.
Bio: As an experienced .NET Engineer and a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies in the heart of Zurich, Steven Giesel bring a substantial breadth of knowledge and expertise to each project.
His enthusiasm for technology goes beyond his professional endeavors - he actively maintains various open-source libraries (for example as co-maintainer for bUnit - a unit testing library for Blazor) and frequently speaks at user groups and conferences.
Furthermore, he has authored concise e-Books in .NET related topics, and peer-reviewed a book focused on building applications with Blazor WebAssembly.

Title: Looking back at 10 years of open-source community contributions
Who: Damien Bowden
Abstract: This talk is a reflection and looks at the positive and the negative sides of doing open-source community work. My views, recommendations and tips will be given in maintaining OSS projects, handling issues, and keeping a work life balance so that you can achieve the maximum for your investment.

The event will start at 05:30 PM, with some time for networking, and the first session starting at 6:00 PM. Location, drinks, and food are provided for this event by Swiss Life.

If you don't fancy a great venue, great networking, and free drinks and food, you can also attend online: (link to our Dot NET Zurich YouTube Channel) - Please, subscribe and give us a Like! ;)


18:00 - 18:20: .NET Zurich Introduction & some words from the host
18:20-19:30: minor pause & next speaker setup.
18:30 - 19:00: Talk 1
19:00 - 19:10: Open Q & A
19:10-19:20: minor pause & next speaker setup.
19:20 - 19:50: Talk 2
19:50 - 20:00: Open Q & A
20:00-20:10: minor pause & next speaker setup.
20:10 - 20:25: Talk 3
20:25 - 20:35: Open Q & A
20:30 - 21:00: Apéro & Networking
21:00 - 21:10: Event and venue closure

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