Lightning Talks!


A slightly different format for a change this time - rather than one or two long talks - this lightning talk event gives more people the chance to get up and talk! And now all the slots have been filled, we're very pleased to announce the details below! Some very interesting talks promising yet another exciting event!

Letting your CMS lose its head
Matt Nield
Development Manager at Ridgeway and Kentico MVP

Headless CMSs are growing in popularity in the development world as a result of the flexibility that they offer. In this talk, I’ll give a brief introduction to the idea of headless CMSs, how we got here, what we can do with them, and the freedom that they might bring. All topped off with a simple look at Kentico Cloud in action (WiFi permitting).

Git. How committed are you?
James World
Consultant Architect/Lead Developer at Thomas International

We're going to dive under the covers of git, and take a look the surprisingly simple and elegant design hidden within. With this knowledge, we'll be better equipped to make sense of the sometimes enigmatic tooling. We'll then step back and a look at some techniques to harness the power of git and Powershell together to help us understand more about source code under git's control.

LINQPad in Action
Dan Clarke
Independent .NET Developer / Consultant and owner of Everstack Ltd

A surprising number of .NET developers don't really use or understand the power of the amazing LINQPad. This short talk is a demo-heavy (minimal PPT slides!) introduction to LINQPad, it's various use-cases, and various tips and tricks to get the most of the software.

GDPR for developers
Frans Lytzen
CTO, CISO and co-founder at NewOrbit Ltd

GDPR is the replacement for the Data Protection Act. The deadline for compliance is May 2018. In this lightning talk I will highlight the main areas that are important to be aware of, for you as a developer or software designer.

Robin Minto
Head of Technical Architecture at ByBox

You wouldn't deploy code without testing but security testing often doesn't get a look in. The earlier we find bugs of any kind, the cheaper they are to fix so we shouldn't be waiting for QA, the security team or an attacker to find problems. OWASP Zed Attack Proxy can help you automatically find security vulnerabilities in your web applications while you are developing and testing. It's free and great for developers and security professionals alike. We'll look at the features of ZAP, demo how it can be used during development and how you might scan your web application for issues. We'll discuss some more advanced features and alternatives to investigate. You'll come away knowing how to better test your app.

A quick swim in Data Lake
Anže Vodovnik
Cloud Geek at Microsoft

In this talk, we'll look at Azure Data Lake from the eyes of a developer. We'll take a quick "swim" through what the purpose of a Data Lake is, why you might care, and when to use it. Together, with many demos, we shall also explore some extensibility options of .NET and USQL, and we'll take a look at some hidden nuggets - like calling Cognitive Services without using the REST APIs.