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.NET Oxford is a brand new user group / meetup with the plan to build a community of passionate .NET developers in the area. Now more than ever, it's such an amazing time to be a .NET developer with all that's going on at Microsoft with both .NET Core, Azure, and the open source community. Please spread the word and let as many people know as possible! Please follow our Twitter account at @dotnetoxford (https://twitter.com/dotnetoxford).

We're also on the Digital Oxford Slack in the #dotnetoxford channel. You can sign up here (https://digitaloxford.herokuapp.com)!

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Lightning Talks

The Story Museum

For our May meetup, we have another lightning talk event planned! The speaker slots are now all taken, and the details are below. We should hopefully have titles for the TBC talks soon! Dan Clarke: "IoC containers and the two DIs" James World: "Stimulating books for .NET developers" John Parkin: "Getting Started with Trillo" Tim Boyle: "Writing an interpreter in C#" Dong Xie: "Hidden Gem - Microsoft.Diagnostics.Ev­entFlow" Matt Nield: "Getting started with Azure DevOps" Dushyant Priyadarshee: "Writing custom Azure DevOps extensions"

F#, Kubernetes, Raspberry Pis, and more!

The Story Museum

In this meetup, we have not one, but two talks planned!... "A tour of F# for .NET developers" - James World (@jamesw0rld) Why even bother with F#? I mean, C#8 is practically functional already, right? In this talk, I’ll contrast C# and F# and explain why I think it's worth your time. Don't worry if your C# isn’t too hot, experience of any OO language would be useful though. "Kubernetes, Raspberry Pis, and more!" - Dan Clarke (@dracan) In this session, we'll be installing Kubernetes from scratch on a cluster of Raspberry Pis (yes, real hardware!). Then we'll create a basic ASP.NET Core webapp; RabbitMQ instance; and a subscribing console app to demonstrate how easy it is to spin-up this kind of 'messaging' architecture in Kubernetes. Along the way, I'll explain some of the core concepts and benefits of Docker, Kubernetes, and message queues. This talk is suitable for both those who have never used Docker or Kubernetes before; those who have and are interested in installing Kubernetes on bare-metal; or those who just like Raspberry Pis and shiny things!

Let's Talk HTTP in .NET Core

The Story Museum

In the world of microservices (yes, there's that buzzword again!) and distributed systems, we often find ourselves communicating over HTTP. What seems like a simple requirement can quickly become complicated! Networks aren't reliable and services fail. Dealing with those inevitable facts and avoiding a cascading failure can be quite a challenge. In this talk, Steve will explore how we can build .NET Core applications that make HTTP requests and rely on downstream services, whilst remaining resilient and fault tolerant. This session will focus on some of the improvements which have been released in .NET Core and ASP .NET Core 2.1, such as IHttpClientFactory and the new, more performant SocketHttpHandler. Steve will identify some HTTP anti-patterns and common mistakes and demonstrate how we can refactor existing code to use the new HttpClientFactory features. Next, Steve will demonstrate other HTTP tips and tricks, including Polly; a fantastic resilience and transient fault handling library which can be used to make your applications less prone to failure. When integrated with the Microsoft IHttpClientFactory; wrapping your HTTP calls in retries, timeouts and circuit-breakers has never been easier! If you're building services which make HTTP calls, then this talk is for you! ------------------------- Steve Gordon is a Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight author, senior developer and community lead based in Brighton. He works for Madgex developing and supporting their data products built using .NET Core technologies. Steve is passionate about community and all things .NET related, having worked with ASP .NET for over 15 years. Steve is currently developing cloud-native services, using .NET Core, ASP .NET Core and Docker. He enjoys sharing his knowledge through his blog, in videos and by presenting at user groups and conferences. Steve is excited to be a part of the .NET community and founded .NET South East, a .NET Meetup group based in Brighton. He enjoys contributing to and maintaining OSS projects, most actively helping save lives with open source software and the Humanitarian Toolbox (http://www.htbox.org ). You can find Steve online at his blog http://www.stevejgordon.co.uk and on Twitter as @stevejgordon

Jon Skeet returns!

St Aldates Conference Centre

We're very excited to announce that we didn't put Jon Skeet off too much last year, and he's agreed to come back again this year! :) Last year, he spoke about C#8 and you can read more about it here: https://www.danclarke.com/dotnetoxford-october-2018. His topic this year is to be confirmed - perhaps C#9 given the speed the .NET team are moving! Due to the expected popularity of this event, RSVP will be opening 3 weeks before the event to minimize on no-shows.

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An evening with Uncle Bob!

St Aldates Conference Centre

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