• Lightning talks!

    Online event

    In Feb, we'll be having another one of our lightning talk events! Always great fun, with lots of variety!...

    - Lessons from reading code in 24 Languages (John Kilmister)
    - Modernize .NET applications using AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET (Amir Khairalomoum)
    - Creating a realtime serverless collaboration tool: Agile Flush (Marc Duiker)
    - .NET 6 API diff (Stefan Pölz)
    - Designing for scale in the cloud 101 (Frans Lytzen)
    - Microservice Mistakes I Made and Survived (Matt Hunt)
    - Azure Static Web Apps (Adam Storr)
    - Unmasking Bitwise Operations with Redis (Steve Lorello)

  • Optimise your Azure Spend - with Frans Lytzen

    Online event

    👉 Talk Description

    Azure, like all the other cloud providers, have a huge range of different services to achieve essentially the same thing, each with a wide range of pricing options. This is great because you can get exactly the right service for your needs and pay exactly the right amount. But when there are at least eight different ways just to host a website, and with the most expensive of those options being 100x more expensive than the cheapest then this flexibility can become a challenge when you just need to get stuff done and you often end up paying much more than you need to.

    Frans has personally worked with a number of organisations to analyse and optimise their Azure spend, often reducing their bill by anywhere from 30% all the way up to 80%. Some savings are easy - just change a few options - others require changes to the architecture of the system.

    In this talk, I will share what I have learnt so you can put it into practice and start saving!

    The talk will give you an overview of:

    - How to analyse your Azure spend to figure out what it is that is costing so much.
    - A check-list to help you figure out if you can reduce the cost of individual services you already have.
    - Some simple architectural patterns that can drastically reduce your spend in any cloud.

    👉 Speaker Bio

    Frans Lytzen is the CTO and CISO at NewOrbit and has been moving software to the cloud since 2006. He's architected and implemented both large and small-scale software for our customers, all running on Microsoft Azure. He's obsessed with security, performance and scalability. Also, penny-pinching in the cloud!