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CosmosDB, Azure Functions, and PowerBI!!

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CosmosDB, Azure Functions, and PowerBI!!


Analyzing flight data in real time using Cosmos DB, Azure Functions and Power BI

Cosmos DB is a globally-distributed, secure, PaaS, multi-model, multi-API database with a choice of consistency models, enterprise SLAs, encryption and guaranteed latency. This session will cover Cosmos DB’s main features in the context of an Aircraft tracking use-case developed by endjin. We will cover the benefits that made Cosmos DB the right choice to support a global, mission-critical application. There will be a live demo of the solution architecture, operational system, example queries, and performance optimisation strategies. We will also show examples of how we integrated with Azure Functions and Power BI to create real-time analytics over the ingested flight data.


James Broome has spent the last 15 years delivering high quality software solutions addressing global business problems, with teams and clients across 3 continents. As Director of Engineering at endjin, he provides technology strategy, data insights and engineering support to organisations of all sizes - from disruptive B2C start-ups, to global financial institutions - to enable them to deliver on the vision of a modern, data-driven, cloud-first organisation.

Mike Larah has been building enterprise software solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform for 5 years. As an engineer at endjin, he works closely with the Microsoft Product Teams, whilst delivering a wide range of projects for organisations of all sizes - from innovative data and analytics platforms for disruptive start-ups, to high-scale compute grid platforms for global financial institutions.

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