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Our May meetup will be another lightning talk event! We have some great talks planned too! Below are the details so far, with a few still left to update title and description, but will be updated shortly.

"Writing Succinct C#" - Dan Clarke
Description: With a lot of C# code I look at nowadays, I find myself thinking "wow, that could be made SO MUCH SMALLER!". Using LINQ, expression body members, null coalescing, ternary if, etc, etc. - most code can be made A LOT smaller! In this short talk, we'll explore a few examples.

"NuGet & MSBuild" - Dushyant Priyadarshee
Description: I will talk about msbuild, nuget, different packaging techniques, targets, props, build and restore, packaging tools in nuget etc.

"Impact Driven Development" - Richard Wellum
Description: Sharing some thoughts and experiences on how we can make more impact by tuning our priorities, our processes, and architecture + a simple exercise to try in your teams

"Inclusion and Accessibility? Start right now!" - Dennie Declercq
Description: Did you think what you can do to make a more inclusive and accessible world? How you can develop apps that helps people with disabilities that didn’t use your apps or systems before? Why should you? Because some apps really improve their Quality of Life!

"Infrastructure management with Terraform" - Dimitrios Batsougiannis
Description: In this lightning talk we will quickly explore how we can treat our infrastructure as code and deploy it on Microsoft Azure

"Wrench Feature Management in .NET" - Kev Smith
Description: Feature flagging is not a new concept. For decades development teams have utilized this concept by wrapping a section of code with a targeted if/else statement, allowing them to control its release to their end-users. We'll take a look at how we can achieve this in .NET with the upcoming feature management libraries.

"Pride & Prejudice & C#" - Simon Painter
Description: Who doesn't like Jane Austen? She's kick-arse and awesome. The only problem though, is that she didn't write a great deal. Just 6 (ish) books? Not enough! In this talk, I'm going to show how, with a bit of C#, some relatively simple maths, and a bit of Blue-Peter-Style creativity, we can automatically generate as much Jane Austen as anyone in their right mind would ever want. I might even show you how this is useful in your day job as well!

"How to ensure you have the right security headers" - Matt Nield
Description: Security headers - loved by security teams and loathed by developers. They tell the consumers of your web application what to expect and what it can do. The question is, how can you ensure that your application has the right headers set? In this talk, I'll touch on the why, what, and how of setting security headers common to web applications.

"Systems are like a jigsaw puzzle" - Jess White
Description: When being handed an existing system, how to figure out how it fits together.