Ovh VPC with Mark Thompson and Lessons from infosec incidents with Robin Minto


February's event will be split into two parts, Mark Thompson presenting on Building a private cloud on a shoestring using Ovh and the second half will be Robin Minto presenting #FAIL - Lessons from infosec incidents.

Building a private cloud on a shoe string using Ovh

We’ve all heard of AWS and Azure. Here’s a third option, the third biggest web host in the world according to Netcraft – Ovh. In this talk will discuss how you can build your own platform, from the hardware up, if desired, using Hyper-V and .NET to control and expand your cloud around the world. We will talk about using .NET to connect to the Ovh API as well as to manage Hyper-V, virtual machines and cloud infrastructure. Using C# we can quickly build applications to monitor and manage your firewall, load balancers and servers. Living the Dev Ops dream from C# or power shell for the cost of a half decent meal. Mark Thompson

#FAIL - Lessons from infosec incidents

Securing a web application is a challenge. The internet is awash with malicious traffic and web applications are globally accessible. Don’t make it easy for them and the baddies will move on and find someone else to annoy.
We’ll look at the risks facing web applications, the basic steps you can take so that you don’t make yourself a target and the things you should do to avoid becoming a data breach statistic. We’ll also look at lessons that can be learned from mistakes that others have made.
We’ll demo some of the techniques and tools in both attack and defense with examples for any web application developer.

Robin Minto

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