Elasticsearch with David Betteridge and Web Dev with SAFE Stack with Ian Russell

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October's session will be split into 2 talks, "Elasticsearch? do I need it? and how do I get it working with my .NET code?" by David Betteridge and "Introduction to the Web Development in F# with the SAFE Stack" with Ian Russell.

SAFE is an end-to-end, functional-first stack for cloud-ready web development that emphasizes type-safe programming in F#. SAFE is an acronym for:

Saturn - server-side web programming
Azure - cloud-based systems
Fable - Javascript-enabled applications
Elmish - easy-to-understand UI programming model

SAFE allows you to get results fast. With full support for .NET Core, including flexible cross-platform templates, and cutting-edge features like hot module reloading and shared code you can start creating full-blown applications quicker than ever before.

Come and see why I and many others are really excited about the future of web development in F#.

Ian is an experienced agile software developer with a keen interest in software craftsmanship and functional programming in F#. He is the organiser of Warwickshire.Net, a principles-focussed user group for the Warwickshire/West Midlands .Net community.

Elasticsearch? do I need it? and how do I get it working with my .NET code?

Tonight, we will look at what problems Elasticsearch solves, how to get started, and the different methods for .NET developers to load and query data. We will end the session by taking a tour of the other components in the Elastic Stack

David has been working in the software industry for the past 20 years and normally programs on the Microsoft stack, MVC, C#, F# and SQL Server. He is a co-founder of the York Developers charity and organises York's monthly Code Dojo meetup.